I’m Pregnant!!! Who’s the fool you or I?


(Photo courtesy of Fill Their Arms)

April Fool’s has come and gone yet again this year, leaving me with the taunting question are you the fool or am I?

Statistically you do not have to compare or research to notice the obvious that making a pregnancy announcement as joke is the number one joke we all come across. You have either been the joker or the victim that has fallen into the trap. I myself, have been guilty of being both the joker and victim. Announcing a fake pregnancy is something I used to find as an easy sense of humor that many would fall for. Of course, after numerous times of doing it the joke got old and was not nearly funny. I lost the humor after about six years of Infertility. Suddenly pregnancy was something I took seriously and had sensitivity towards.

The mere thought of facing this joke this year was agonizing. I was not quite sure how I would cope. Would it be something I might take light to and have a good laugh? Or would it be something that felt like a wound being torn apart once again? Fortunately I have been very open about my struggles with Infertility, shared the photos of reconsidering using the joke and expressed my feelings towards it on my social media sites. Though no comments were left about any kind of opinion I had seen no joke except for one pertaining to pregnancy. Maybe there was a new trend this year or just maybe I reached at least one person who took my thoughts into consideration. Whatever the case may be I was very grateful I did not have to deal with it at all. At least that is what I had though.

Then doing my nightly updates and searching on my social media sites I came across another post with a picture. It was one pertaining to thinking twice about posting fake pregnancies. I must include this was posted on a Infertility support page. My eyes were filled with shock!! There were multiple negative comments about those who suffer from Infertility and not knowing how to handle a joke. Infertile women were criticized for being overly sensitive and not knowing how to handle a joke. It was obvious that these people had never experienced Infertility or supported someone who had.

In a way I felt sorry for them to know something is to have full understanding of the subject. Clearly none of them had understanding. Then again maybe I did not understand them. At one point in my life I was that person who could share a joke about pregnancy, laugh my heart out and forget about it. Now I am that person who cries because people consider pregnancy a joke. I understand that anyone has a right to display whatever joke they would like but the consideration prior to posting is the one thing I wish for. I could choose to shelter myself from negative comments and a lack of support. However, I choose not to because the honest truth is that the people that have no place in my life may never truly understand or have compassion. If I can reach at least person to find understanding and compassion than that means I am one step closer to making those realize that sometimes a joke just is not a joke.

You realize a joke is not a joke when you go through at least three rounds of IVF, a loss of a child, eight years of Infertility and/or empty arms that are never filled. Pregnancy is a gift that a woman is given, to carry a human being inside of your womb. To feel your unborn child grow inside of you and to love someone like no one else you have never loved before them. That is the beautiful bliss of pregnancy. You may think I am a fool for being sensitive when there is a joke about being pregnant but then again I think you might be a fool for thinking of a life growing inside of you is a joke.


Hoping Believing Waiting Review


Hoping Believing Waiting is an incredible shop I stumbled upon after my diagnosis with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and during my struggle with Infertility. I searched high and low for a shop that would provide me chic, meaningful and one of a kind awareness jewelry. This shop was created in order to give those who struggle through their journeys support, hope and belief while waiting for their miracles. While supporting her customers in return we get to support her through her journey as well.

For so long I had been searching through her shop and waiting to receive something meaningful. I decided what a better way to show how much I wanted one of her products than to share on my Facebook page. Some of you may ask why I just did not purchase the items myself but at the time I felt items like hers should be gifted in support of my journey(how times have changed now). While I was hoping for a special piece to symbolize my trying to conceive journey, my sister was actually waiting for an item for HBW. In anticipation my sister could not wait to give me my special Christmas gift ahead of time. She told me since I had talked about it so much and considered purchasing it myself she could not wait. Upon opening the box that my gift came in my tears started to flow. Inside was a baby dust ornament. It was full of glitter that sparkled, a written note on the inside that read,”Baby Dust” and little charms to complete it. If that was not enough it glowed in the dark! This item felt like it was made special just for me. The meaning behind the ornament and  coming from my sister the feeling was overwhelming(in a good way). For the first time I felt the full support from my family, the hope and the wanting of feeling special to be completed.

During the holidays, special occasions, awareness months and birthdays I have started my very own collection. I decided to purchase a few silicone wrist bands for Infertility, TTC and PCOS awareness. That was not enough for me so I went ahead to purchase some for my friends along with baby dust bottles to gift. Of course, I kept a few for myself. My friends and family have all bought me necklaces throughout this past year. Every time I receive a new item I am amazed with how they make me feel all over again. I never fail to have tears in my eyes and I cherish all of my items dearly. HBW’s items have managed to give me that bit of hope that I need when I feel like it is lost. I am thankful for being able to carry such priceless items with me during my journey. I would recommend this shop to anyone who is in need of some hope through any journey they are going through. The prices are just right, the items are high quality and the costumer service is full of support! (Infertility Awareness Week is in the month of April do not forget to purchase your awareness items in time).

The best part of Hoping Believing Waiting is the variety of items there are. Some of the items included are:

-awareness/baby dust bracelets


-key chains



-ornaments(special ordered during the holidays for PCOS, angel babies and TTC)

-electric Candle

More Information about Hoping Believing Waiting:

  • Hoping Believing Waiting was founded by Priscilla(Silla) a home based shop owner
  • Fundraising/Hobby shop revolving around personal struggle with Infertility

-fundraising for own Infertility journey

-encouraging items to bring to those waiting for their miracles

  • Offers to help fundraising:

-offer to design embossed silicone wristband to sell to friends, family members, co-workers, ect.

-must purchase 100 wrist bands or more(you can check out HBW’s Facebook page for further details)

  • Jewelry designs are based on Infertility, Baby Dust, PCOS, Endometriosis, Angel Babies, IVF and much more

To find out more about Hoping Believing Waiting you can connect with her page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hoping.Believing.Waiting

or shop at her online store(US&INTL’ shipping):  http://hopingbelievingwaiting.weebly.com/


Naturepedic’s No-Compromise™ Organic Cotton Classic Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress Review


I have nothing but mommy certified things to say about the Naturepedic’s No-Compromise™ Organic Cotton Classic Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress (via the company).

Let me explain, to help you better understand what life was like before Naturepedic’s mattress. When the only mattress was a conventional one. The one that offered no support, sleepless nights, fussy baby and plenty of toxins to go around. Let’s not forget to mention flammable material as well.

When we brought home my son he was eleven days old. There was no time to prepare for nine months and the means were not there as much as we needed them to be. That is when we decided to opt into buying a mattress that was a reasonable cheap price(at the time that was what the budget called for).  I was not as educated as I would have loved to be about mattress and the harm they can cause on your baby. They are meant to keep our children safe, comfortable and keep them at ease. Instead the opposite had taken affect. Sleepless nights, no comfort or support. On top of that I could not keep my son in his crib.

I personally slept on his mattress a few times. There was nothing I enjoyed about it and I could see where his frustrations were as well. With my son learning how to climb at eleven months old safety turned more into a huge concern of mine. Add on the bouncing from the mattress and we were headed for a disaster.  My only thought was to seek a mattress that was healthy, safe and kept my baby happy.

I came across Naturepedic’s mattresses completely fixated on wanting to learn more about their products. Upon receiving Naturepedic’s mattress I could tell just by looking at the product that it was of high quality. Right away I was sure to put the sheet on which was super easy to do. The old mattress I had to remove completely to apply the sheets. However, this mattress I could just pull one side up put it back into the crib and continue onto the other side. The mattress was firm and no concern for my baby climbing out. Bouncing around was no longer an option due to the firmness. Once the mattress was made I put my son in the crib. He was such a happy baby so much that he decided to sleep in it that same night! This was the first night I can honestly say he slept most of it in his crib. No fuss, moving around. There was not even a sound to where I had to check on him just to make sure he was doing well. Yes, finally a peaceful happy baby that was comfortable in his own bed.

When we received the mattress he was thirteen months old and he is now twenty-four months old. Many months of using this product and he is a much happier baby. He does not look to the mattress as a punishment but now he looks at it as a place of comfort. Somewhere to relax and play. In the next few months I plan on purchasing a toddler bed and using this mattress to make our transition. Baby and I are looking forward to that day. Hip hip hooray to a better night’s sleep for baby and mommy.

Product Features:

  • Organic Cotton Waterproof Fabric(also functions as a dust mite/bed bug barrier)
  • Organic Cotton Filling
  • Firm comfortable Support
  • Seamless or Decorative Trim Options
  • Hypoallergenic Design(is latex and wool free)
  • 2-Stage Dual Firmness Available
  • Snug Fit In Your Baby’s Crib
  • Organic & Greenguard Select Certified

Depending on what price range you are seeking Naturepedic has a mattress and many other products that can meet any parent’s budget. Save yourself the money and the headache. Spend a little more for comfort and years of wear to adore.

Naturepedic Products In General:

  • All of the products are free of added fire retardants, phthalates, vinyl/PVC and latex.
    Naturepedic mattresses meets all Federal and State flammability standards without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.
  • With the right crib, the Naturepedic mattress can be used through the toddler years.
    Each model has a dual firmness feature. The firmer side is suitable for newborns and the softer side is suitable for toddlers.
  • You can try it risk-free.
    Naturepedic has a 30 day money back guarantee on their mattress along with a lifetime limited warranty on crib mattress

Final Thoughts:

I support Naturepedic’s products and recommend them. They provide safety, durability, reliability, safety and support for every baby and toddler in need of a good nights sleep. You do not every have to worry about the bed bugs biting.

You can find out more information about this Naturepedic mattress and more of their products by heading to their website: http://www.naturepedic.com/products/baby/classic_organic_crib_mattress.php






♂Welcome to my life as an Infertile Myrtle♀


If you have come across my blog my guess is that you are searching for the same answers I have been for seven plus years. Whether it be the search to find answers to questions about Infertility, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Motherhood or simply just to know that someone can relate and cares you have come to the right place.

My journey started about five years ago when I had been through at least five doctors with the guessing game of does she have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. During a yearly check up my doctor pulled out a note pad and started writing down all of my symptoms. He then gathered his notes, looked at me and asked, ” Do you know what Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is? ”  Honestly I was a deer in head lights and clueless as to what it even meant. He proceeded to tell me what is was and that he suspected I had it. Several blood tests were done and the results came in as he suspected. There was a question of possibly having a tumor in one or both ovaries from the elevations in some of my hormone levels. The tests were reviewed by an endocrinologist who suspected the same. During this time I had no medical insurance to get the CT scan done to see if that were the case. A year and a half later I got insurance through my employment. I had one doctor tell me that I just had some hormone imbalances and was overweight. Another doctor tell me physically I looked like I had it (acne, overweight, irregular menses and the list goes on) and to avoid processed foods. the third doctor told me the same as the first and added that she could not tell me if my chances of becoming pregnant were any less or higher than the average woman. Her fix birth control. I was not satisfied with the answers. There were still many questions that remained a mystery so I went to search on. Google was my best friend on educating myself and also finding support groups through Facebook. Finally I found a doctor who did the testing. I had blood tests done and a scan. Although, I showed no signs of polycystic ovaries and I was not Insulin Resistant I was finally diagnosed! Many believe you must have cysts on your ovaries and be IR but that is far from the truth. I am living proof of that.. In August of 2010 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

During this process I became a mommy by heart to a beautiful little girl. At nine months old she came into my heart and into my life. Throughout the years she has suffered from delays intellectually, socially and the list has built since then. My daughter is a very special, intelligent, beautiful, bright-eyed child. It is from her that I have learned to love unconditionally, patience, compassion and growth. There is no one that I have ever met in my life that has as much strength as she does. Her smile continues to beam daily no matter what the day may be like. She is my sunshine. My daughter had asked me time from time to have a baby because she wanted a brother/sister. Her biological mother had blessed me once again. At eleven days old my daughter welcomed home her baby brother. Into my heart and in my arms there he laid. She finally got her wish a sibling to adore. He is two years old and counting now. Like my daughter his has some delays intellectually and speech related. It is from the both of them that I continue to grow and get my strength from. Our house is constantly filled with laughter, adventures and bright eyes. The possibilities are endless and we strive at being a loving family.

Before my son came into our lives I began to question my fertility. After six years of trying to conceive naturally with no stress there was nothing and there is still nothing. Constantly I am told that I am not grateful, except what God gave me, maybe I am wrong and that to tune out all negative thoughts about it. Once again I am facing the costs of paying what my insurance will not for anything fertility related including blood tests just to see if I ovulate. What have I done? Sure I let things just happen without stress. Ovulation tests oh sure I have only to be told that they may not be as accurate having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. If you think well has she tried this I most likely have that has been done naturally. However, I am always open for suggestions. There are days when I embrace all babies, pregnancies and conception stories. Then there are days that I cannot bare to hear one more story, attend another baby shower or have a case of the baby blues. The answer that I am searching for is the cause of my Infertility. I could ask myself why (which I have a million times) and come back with a different answer every time.

Sharing my stories, thoughts and opening up on a blog is something that pushes my comfort level. I want to be able to express my happiness, sadness, frustrations and possibly at the end of the day at least one reader can say they can relate. I have been criticized for having my two children and not feeling blessed enough. ” Why not be happy with the two you already have?,” they say and “Stop being so negative.” I am extremely blessed to be a mommy to my two beautiful children and I am complete with them. I have carried them in my hearts all along. Always have, always will, even after time stands still. In the same breath feeling a miracle grow inside of my belly is also one of the greatest blessings in life. Why do I have to choose one or the other? Can’t I celebrate the blessings of my children while grieving my infertility? If there is an explanation as to why I would have to choose please tell me. I live and breath for my children. I should be able to give life through my womb as well. Welcome to my life as an Infertile Myrtle.


εїзAcronyms & Abbreviations for Infertility&TTC♂♀

(Resources found at: http://www.fertilityplus.com/faq/acronyms.html)

  • 2WW = 2-Week Wait
  • 47XXY = Klinefelter’s Syndrome


  • AF – Auto Flow/Aunt Flow (menses)
  • AH, AZH = Assisted Hatching
  • AHI = At-home Insemination
  • AI = Artificial Insemination
  • AIH = Artificial Insemination from Husband
  • ANA = Anti-nuclear Antibodies
  • AO = Anovulation
  • AOA, AVA = Anti-ovarian Antibody
  • APA = Anti-phospholipid Antibodies
  • APTT = Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time
  • ART = Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • ASA = Anti-sperm Antibody
  • ASRM = American Society of Reproductive Medicine
  • ATA = Anti-thyroid Antibody
  • AWOL = A Woman On Lupron


  • B2 = Baby Two
  • BA = Baby Aspirin
  • BBT = Basal Body Temperature
  • BCP = Birth Control Pills
  • BD = Baby Dance (sex)
  • BFN = Big Fat Negative
  • BFP = Big Fat Positive
  • BG = Blood Glucose
  • BMS = Baby-making Sex
  • BSE = Breast Self-Exam
  • BT = Balanced Translocation
  • BW, b/w = Bloodwork


  • C# = Cycle Number
  • CB = Cycle Buddy
  • CF = Cervical Fluid
  • CM = Cervical Mucus
  • COW = Curse of Womanhood (menstruation)
  • CP = Cervical Position
  • CPFM = ClearPlan Fertility Monitor


  • DD = Dear Daughter, Darling Daughter
  • DH = Dear Husband, Darling Husband
  • DP = Dear Partner, Darling Partner
  • DW = Dear Wife, Darling Wife
  • D&C = Dilation & Curettage
  • D&E = Dilation & Evacuation
  • DE = Donor Eggs
  • DES = Diethylstilbestrol (a synthetic estrogen)
  • DI = Donor Insemination
  • DIPI = Direct Intra-peritoneal Insemination
  • DOR = Diminished Ovarian Reserve
  • DOST = Direct Oocyte-Sperm Transfer
  • DPO = Days Post-Ovulation
  • DPR = Days Post-Retrieval
  • DPT = Days Post-Transfer
  • DP3DT = Days Post 3-Day Transfer
  • DP3DT = Days Post 5-Day Transfer
  • Dx = Diagnosis


  • EB, EMB = Endometrial Biopsy
  • EDD = Estimated Due Date
  • ENDO = Endometriosis
  • EPO = Evening Primrose Oil
  • EPT = Early Pregnancy Test
  • ET = Embryo Transfer
  • ETF = Embryo Toxic Factor
  • ETA = Embryo Toxicity Assay
  • EW, EWCM = Eggwhite Cervical Mucus


  • FET = Frozen Embryo Transfer
  • FF = Fertility Friend or Fat Friendly
  • FHR = Fetal Heart Rate
  • FP = Follicular Phase
  • FM = Fertile Mucus or Fertility Monitor
  • FSH = Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  • FTTA = Fertile Thoughts To All
  • FUR = False Unicorn Root
  • FV = Fertile Vibes


  • GD = Gestational Diabetes


  • hCG, HCG = Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  • HPT = Home Pregnancy Test
  • HRT = Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • HSC = Hysteroscopy
  • HSG = Hysterosalpingogram


  • IBT = Immunobead Binding Test
  • ICI = Intra-cervical Insemination
  • ICSI = Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  • IF = Infertility
  • IOR = Immature Oocyte Retrieval
  • IR = Insulin Resistant
  • ITI = Intra-tubal Insemination
  • IUFD = Intra-uterine Fetal Demise
  • IUGR = Intra-uterine Growth Retardation
  • IUI = Intra-uterine Insemination
  • IVC = Intra-vaginal Culture
  • IVF = In Vitro Fertilization


  • LAP = Laparoscopy
  • LH = Luteinizing Hormone
  • LO = Love Olympics (sex)
  • LP = Luteal Phase
  • LPD = Luteal Phase Defect
  • LSP = Low Sperm Count
  • LUF, LUFS = Luteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome


  • MAI = Miscarriage After Infertility (mail list)
  • MC, m/c, misc. = Miscarriage
  • MESA = Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration
  • MF = Male Factor


  • NORIF = Non-stimulated Oocyte Retrieval In (office) Fertilization


  • O, OV = Ovulation
  • OASIS = Overweight & Seeking Infertility Support
  • OB = Obstetrician
  • OB/GYN = Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  • OC = Oral Contraceptives
  • OD = Ovulatory Dysfunction
  • OHSS = Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
  • ONNA = Oh No, Not Again
  • OPK Ovulation Predictor Kit
  • OPSS = Overweight & Pregnant Support
  • OPT = Ovulation Predictor Test
  • OTC = Over The Counter
  • OTTC = Overweight & Trying To Conceive
  • OW = Overweight


  • P4 = Progesterone
  • PANFERT = Pregnancy After Infertility
  • PCAO= Polycystic Appearing Ovaries
  • PCO = Polycystic Ovaries
  • PCOD = Polycystic Ovary Disease
  • PCOS = Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • PG = Pregnant
  • PID = Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • PIO = Progesterone in Oil
  • PMS = Pre-menstrual Syndrome
  • POC = Products of Conception
  • POF = Premature Ovarian Failure
  • PROM = Premature Rupture of Membranes


  • RE = Reproductive Endocrinologist
  • RI = Reproductive Immunologist
  • RIP = Reproductive Immunophynotype
  • ROS = Reactive Oxygen Species
  • RPL = Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
  • RSA = Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion



  • SA = Semen Analysis
  • s/b, S/B = Stillbirth
  • SI = Secondary Infertility


  • TESA = Testicular Sperm Aspiration
  • TESE = Testicular Sperm Extraction
  • TET = Tubal Embryo Transfer
  • TL = Tubal Ligation
  • TR = Tubal Reversal
  • TRH = Thyroid Releasing Hormone
  • TSH = Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • TTC = Trying to Conceive
  • TTCAR = Trying to Conceive after Reversal
  • TUFT = Trans-uterine Fallopian Transfer
  • Tx = Treatment


  • UR = Urologist
  • US, u/s = Ultrasound UTI = Urinary Tract Infection


  • V = Vasectomy
  • VR = Vasectomy Reversal

♂♀How can I treat Infertility?

If you are a couple 35 or younger there are multiple steps you can take. However, if you are 35 or older your doctor may suggest that you skip steps that younger couples take. The risks for miscarriage go up as you get older and the chances of conceiving go down. When deciding on treatment you must take the time to sit down and talk to your spouse about all of the treatment options. For example, you may only want to do medication without any surgery or what about the costs too much too little. It is important that you two meet in the middle before planning. Treatments can be physically, emotionally and financially draining depending on your options. You will rely on each other for support and it is important that you are on the same page.

♂♀Types of treatment:

Treatment for the woman:Treatments for fertility problems in women depend on what may be keeping the woman from getting pregnant. Sometimes the cause isn’t known.

Problems with ovulating:

Treatment may include taking medicine, such as:

  • Clomiphene. It stimulates your ovaries to release eggs.
  • Metformin. It’s used to treat PCOS.

Unexplained fertility: If your doctor can’t find out why you and your partner haven’t been able to get pregnant, treatment may include:

Blocked or damaged tubes: If your fallopian tubes are blocked, treatment may include tubal surgery.

  • Endometriosis: If mild to moderate endometriosis seems to be the main reason for your infertility, treatment may include laparoscopic sugery to remove endometrial tissue growth. This treatment may not be an option if you have severe endometriosis.

Treatment for the man:

Your doctor might recommend that you try insemination first. The sperm are collected and then concentrated to increase the number of healthy sperm for insemination.

When initial treatments do not work:

Many couples who have problems getting pregnant arrive at a common point: They must decide whether they want to try Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): is the most common type of ART. In this treatment, a fertilized egg or eggs are placed in the woman’s uterus through the cervix.
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, or ICSI (say “ICK-see”). In a lab, your doctor injects one sperm into one egg. If fertilization occurs, the doctor puts the embryo into the woman’s uterus.

(Resource): http://www.webmd.com/infertility-and-reproduction/tc/fertility-problems-treatment-overview


♂♀Signs Of Infertility

There are some signs that may indicate that you or your partner may have fertility issues. It is important to know what you may want to look for when you may be questioning your fertility and when you may want to seek further information from a medical professional. If you are under 35 and have been trying to conceive for a year consult a doctor. If you are 35 and old and have been trying to conceive for 6 months consult a doctor. This is simply a post about the signs and symptoms and does not reflect having a professional medical evaluation.

♂Females signs include(but not limited to):

  • over the age of 35
  • irregular or absent periods
  • hormone imbalance
  • smoking or alcohol use
  • abnormalities of the uterus
  • breast discharge
  • excessive acne or hirsutism
  • obesity
  • prior use of an intrauterine device (IUD)
  • pelvic inflammatory infections
  • endometriosis
  • fibroids
  • prior pelvic surgery
  • prior operation on the cervix
  • cervical infections

♀Male signs include(but not limited to):

  • prostate infections
  • prior testicle injury
  • varicocele
  • a history of sexually transmitted disease

♂♀Female and Male signs include(but not limited to): 

  • problems having intercourse
  • two or more miscarriages
  • cervical infections
  • prior history of infertility